Welcome to SGM College Library

Library is the backbone of academic environment. It is one of the main spot where college students go to get work done (and socialize), it’s also a useful resource of a wide range of information and services. In this information age, libraries have a changing role to play. Thus it has been upgraded from a traditional to an automated library, further to electronic and now digital library. This changing role of library has been very well acknowledged by the library of BES’Sant Gadge Maharaj College.

About Library

BES’Sant Gadge Maharaj College Library was established with the establishment of college in 1972. The library is located on the first floor building No. 2. The first librarian of the college library was Ms. Sumati A. Madiman succeeded by Ms Sadhana Bhatt, Ms. Minakshi Ved, and now Mrs. R.D. Kamble is the librarian since Feb.1990.

The total area of the library is 1700 sq. ft. Separate reading room for girls, boys, PG students & for faculty’s.

Total No. of books 24553  (2018-19), 22 Periodicals subscribed, 31, 35000+e-books & 6000+e-journals (N-List) in addition there are 11 leading News papers.

All the library functions have been automated with SOUL Software. The library follows Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.

Five computers exclusively kept for students and faculty for the completion of their projects and research work, to search Webopac & online journals &online books

Free internet facility is made available to teachers, research scholars and students.

Bar coding for all books has been done. The students are being given computerized bar coded library cards.

Digitization of previous years question papers has been done & given access on college website under library option. Online journals& online books, webopac can also be access on website.

Every year the college library gives ‘Best Readers Award’ to the student who makes the best possible use of library facilities. The award carries a certificate and a trophy.

Library Collection

Total collection of the library

1) Books                —    24553

2) Periodicals         —    22

3) Online Journals & Books- N-List (6000+e-journals & 31, 35000+e-Books)

4) Back Volumes   —-  59

5) CD’s                  —-  66

6) Audio Cassettes—-  803

7) News Papers     —-  11

8) Projects            —-   372

Library Services & Facilities

Automated Circulation:  Library is fully computerized. Issue/ return are done with the help of SOUL software. Books are issued to the students for seven days against their home lending card and one book on reference card to refer in library.

Web OPAC:  Online Public Access Catalogue which helps users to search the library collection availability and its status. It is very easy to search books (Author, Title, Subject, Publishers, etc.)

Current Awareness Service: Display of current periodicals on rack.  List of content pages of the Journals/Periodicals is given to the readers on demand. Clipping like current events, articles on the subjects like Commerce, Managements, EVS, and Economics etc.

Reference Service: There are numerous reference books on various subjects like Commerce, Managements, Accounts, Economics, Computer, Law, Maths/Stat, Encyclopedias, yearbooks, competitive exam books, and literature like English. Marathi & HindiThe library staff and the Librarian help the readers in finding their queries. Readers are also provided with relevant documents, which are of their interest and also help to search documents through computerized database.

Computers:  The library has five computers for students and teachers for projects and research work.

Internet:  The library facilitates internet without any charges to students and teachers for the systematic approach to the current information to the support their projects or assignments and research work.

E-Journals & E-Books:   – (INFLIBNET N-list)

The Project entitled “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)”, being jointly executed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and the INDEST-AICTE Consortium,

The N-LIST project provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions through server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET Centre. The authorized users from our college can now access e-resources and download articles required by them directly from the publisher’s website once they are duly authenticated as authorized users through servers deployed at the INFLIBNET Centre. As an authorized user from college registered under Nlist programme.

They will have access e-resources (6000+e-journals and 31, 35000+e-books)

Bibliographic Service: It is on demand service. List of reference books and list of new arrivals is provided to the faculty and students to respective departments and the research scholars.

Digital Library: Digitization of previous years question papers has been done & given access on college website under library option.

Book Bank Scheme:

The library provides sets of books under Book Bank Scheme to the Reserved Category & Economically Backward students. A set of 5-7 books are issued to students for the one academic year and these are received after the completion of semester/final examination.

Reserved category students have to provide attested Xerox copy of caste certificate & Economically Backward students have to provide Income Certificate with affidavit.

University of Mumbai, ‘Dept. Student Development’ also provides grants for this scheme.

Library OrientationEvery year the library conducts Library Orientation Program for new comers in order to make them aware of the library facilities & services available for them.

Printing Facility: One printer is provided for students for making printouts. This printer is connected to five PC’s.

Reprography Service: As some reference books cannot be taken out of the library .Readers can get those documents Xerox in the library.

Inter Library Loan: The college library provides Inter Library Loan facility to its readers top caters to the extra reading needs of its reader.

Extended Services:  Library extends reading facility to alumni of the college for using higher studies & for competitive examination. .

Membership of British  Council library (online Membership)

News Papers & Journals/magazines

List of News Papers

1)  The Times of India

2)  Economic Times (Staff Room)

3)  Indian Express    (Staff Room)

4)  Maharashtra Times (M)

5)  Lokmat   (Staff Room) + Library (M)

6)  Nav Bharat Times   (H)

7)  Sakal         (M)

8)  Business Line (Staff Room)

9)  Loksatta    (M)

10) Employment News

11) Free press Journals


List of Journals/Magazines subscribed by the library

1)  Time (International) Weekly
2)  The Economic Challenger Quarterly
3)  Capital Market Fortnightly
4)  Business India Fortnightly
5)  India Today Weekly
6  Competition Success Review Monthly
7)  University News Weekly
8)  Sport Star Weekly
9)   Down to Earth Fortnightly
10)   Economic & Political Weekly Weekly
11)   Lokrajya  (Mar) Monthly
12)   Lokprabha (Mar) Weekly
13)   Yojana Monthly
14)   Ghrihshobha (Hin.) Monthly
15)   Indian Journal of Marketing Monthly
16) Andhashradha Nirmulan (Mar.) Monthly
17) Journal of Entrepreneurship Development Fortnightly
18) RBI Bulletin Monthly
19) PC Quest Monthly
20) Indian Journal of Finance Monthly
21) Vikalpa Quarterly
22) Pratiyogita Darpan Monthly

Library Rules

  • Every student entering the library should have a valid college Identity Card. It should be produced as and when demanded
  • Complete silence and strict discipline shall be maintained in the library.
  • Students must handle books, periodicals etc. with great care. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals, by defacing, marking or tearing the pages shall be treated as serious misconduct and strictly dealt with.
  • Students will get one book for home issue for one week and one book from the list of reference book.
  • In case of late return of book, students will have to pay fine at the rate of Rs.2/- per day. This step is taken to discourage complacency.
  • Re-Issue of the book would depend upon the demand for the same.
  • Question Papers, Magazines, News Papers will be issued against ‘Reference Card or Identity Card’
  • In case of loss of book students has to replace the same book.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in library premises.

Library Committee Members

Sr.No. Name Designation
1  Prin. Dr. K.Y.Shinde Chairman
2 Asso.Prof. N.M. Potekar Member
3 Asso.Prof. Dr.D.M. Salve Member
4 Asst.Prof. Zakira Matwankar Member
5 Asst. Prof. Dipak Boricha (BMS) Member
6 Mrs. Ru.D. Kamble Secretary (Librarian)
7 Ms. Komal Kathe Student Representative

Library Staff

Sr. No.            Name        Position
1 Mrs. R. D. Kamble Librarian
2 Mrs. P. R. Shah Library Clerk
3 Mrs.Swati Godse Clerk (BMS)
4 Mr.S.G. Gaikwad Library Attendant
5 Mr.V. B.Aswal Library Attendant

‘Best Library Reader Award’

‘Best Library Reader Award’ has been stared from 2011 to motivate students to make use of library and its services. The award carries a certificate and a trophy and awarded at the Annual Day of the college.

The following students are the recipients of this award.


Sr. No. Name Class Academic Year
1 Sunayana Parab T.Y.BMS 2011-12
2 Anchal Sonkar S.Y. BMS 2012-13
3 Rajesh Devendra S.Y. BMS 2012-13
4 Mohit Vyas M.Com. Part-II 2014-15
5 Ankit Pawar T.Y.Bcom 2015-16
6 Manisha Chawan (among girls) S.Y.BMS 2016-17
7 Avinash Goswami (among boys) S.Y.Bcom 2016-17
8 Sweta Mishra (among girls) T.Y.B.com 2017-18
9 Sanjeev Nirmal (among boys) M.Com-Part-II 2017-18
9 Babita N. Sharma (Among girls.) (S.Y.B.Com.) 2018-19
9 Utsav Atul Patel (among boys) M. Com. Part -I 2018-19

Library Activities

Library department always encourage their reader to improve & increase their reading, for that library conducted many activities.

The following activities conducted by the library department.

1)‘General Knowledge Exam’

Library Department has conducted ‘General Knowledge’ Exam  on 27th July 2018 to get habitual to students to read GK & Competitive exam books & Magazines from the beginning &  to create awareness among the students about various competitive exams.

The following students secured highest marks.

1) First Prize      –     Narayan Kamti  M.  –  T.Y.B.COM.   –   B/196

 2) Second Prize –  Vishal Yadav  G.         –  T.Y.B.COM    –   B/197

3) Third Prize   –  Lalit Patil   H.         –  T.Y.B.COM    –   B/126

Marathi Bhasha Din

Marathi Bhasha Din was celebrated on 17th Feb 2017. This day is also celebrated on the birth anniversary of great literary personality Shri. V. V. Shirvadkar (27 Feb.2017) On this occasion the guest Prof. Ganesh Achwal (Radio Jockey)has explain Marathi language history, & about great  Marathi personalities in all fields. PPT was also shown. Students have presented Marathi songs and poetries.

On this occasion ‘Hand Writing’ competition was conducted.

The following students were declared as the prize winners:-

1st prize     –   Omkar N. Shirvatkar (S.Y.BMS)

2nd Prize    –   Madhuri R. Patane (M.Com.-Part-I)

3rd Prize     –  Vikas P. Bothare   (T.Y.Bcom.)

Book Review Competition

In order to promote reading habits among students ‘Book Review Competition was organized on 31st Dec.2018. The following students were declared as the winners:-

Degree College-

First Prize – Sameer R. Betkar (T.Y.B.COM.A/64)

Second Prize – Kamlesh P. Solkar ( T.Y.B.Com. B/172)

Third Prize – Ratnesh R. Bait (F.Y.Bcom. B/164)

Jr. College –

First Prize ———– Suman Yadav (F.Y.J.C. A/2)

Second Prize ———– Vaishnavi A. Woralikar (S.Y.J.C. B/210)

Third Prize ———– Vaishnavi Bagal ( F.Y.J.C. A/81)

‘Memory Game’-

‘Memory Game’ was organized by the library on 12 th Aug. 2017 on the occasion of birth anniversary of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan  (The father of Library Science).The day is celebrated as the Library Day.

(Memory Game: – Books, journals/magazines of various languages, subjects was kept and 05 minutes was given to students to see and remember, then they came out and had written maximum names of these books & magazines. The students write maximum correct names of books & magazines will be the winner.)

The following students were declared as the winner.

Jr. College:

First prize:  Mahesh Rathod           –    S.Y.J.C. – D/431

Second Prize: Vaishnavi R. Mulik –    S.Y.J.C. – C/351

Third Prize: Sweta Kadam             –    S.Y.J.C. – B/127

 Degree College:

First Prize: Nilesh Darji                    –    S.Y.BMS – A/2

Second Prize: Shahina S. Mojothe   –   S.Y. BMS – A/63

Third Prize: Sarita Barai                   –    S.Y.BMS –  A/20

‘Vachan Prerana Din’

‘Vachan Prerana Din’ celebrated on the occasion of former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary on 15th Oct.2017 in the library. On this occasion ‘Books Exhibition’ was arranged.

Counseling Session

Two interactive session of counseling has been taken by counselor

1) Dr. Ruchi Dubey Chaturvedi, Asso.Prof. from Jaihind College. The topic was ‘Developing life skills to build one’s personality.

2) Dr. Arvind Dhond Asso. Prof. from Saint Xavier College.

The topic was ‘How to achive more success in life & how to handle failures in life’.

British Council Library Membership

Web OPAC — Online Public Access Catalogue

Time : ( Timing 09.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.)
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