Nature Club

Our College, Department of Environment establish Nature club to bring students closer to Nature by making them aware of various hazards affecting environment and making them aware of measure’s to reduce the effect of environmental hazards. The activity like Tree plantation, seed bombing, a session on environmental issues, session on cleanliness, students visits Plants exhibition are conducted.

We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment

Monsoon Activities - Painting of Umbrella

Students members done painting on their respective plain umbrellas which they brought it from their home, the main themes were environment, conservation & cleanliness

Women’s Equality Day

Equality before the Law, All are Equal before the Law, Women Empowerment

Diwali Activities – Clothes and Toys Distribution

Members brought from their house old and useable clothes and distributed to needy and poor students nearby Mumbai Central, Grant Road Slums.

International Street Children’s Day – Toys and Sweet Distribution

Members were taken keen interest on street children on the view of this day and distributed varities of useable toys which they brought it from their respective house and sweets and chocolates to the needy and poor children of Mumbai Central and Grant Road slum area

Monsoon Activities - Seeds Bombing

Members were brought varities of fruit and vegetable seeds from their respective houses along with the mud on the said day they brought to the college. All the members travelled towards foothills of Sahayadri Belt – Kalva Station. After arriving in the spot they prepared seed bombs mixing with water seeds and mud like a ball. There was little rain in the area, members after preparation of seed bombs started seed bombs towards the foothills. This is new way of plantation of trees because, balls include varities of fruit and vegetable seeds mixed with one another.