Humane Watch

Our college, Department of Foundation Course has established Humane Watch to make students feels the agony of economic backward community in our society. Humane Watch inoculate culture of Share & Care among students for helpless people in our society. Under Humane Watch activity like free distribution of food , free distribution of clothes , free distribution of Umbrella are conducted from time to time. Session of  Army personal, Activist, NGO’S are arrange to enhance the knowledge of students towards society.

Talk on ‘Senior Citizen and Society’

Deelip Kaji 84, given speech on how the senior citizens will look towards to society at their evening and how the society should look towards senior citizen in present contest, how this should to be make more meaning full in the society.

On the view of 10th December, Human Rights Day - Panel Discussion

Humane Watch has taken enough care for Panel discussion. 4 groups were made, each group was given one burning Human Rights Issue,

  1. Status of Women in present

  2. Atrocity of police

  3. Children’s – Human Right

  4. Human Rights in Border Areas.

Members were enthusiastically taken the part Panel Experts analysed each and every aspect on Humane point of view.

Humane Watch - Winter Activities

There are needy and poor people sleep on the streets even in saviour winter, Humane Watch members taken the note on it, they brought from their respective houses old and useable bedsheets, blankets, chadars, gloves and sweaters and distributed in Grant Road, Mumbai Central slum areas

International Street Children’s Day – Toys and Fruits Distribution

Members were taken keen interest on the International Street Children’s Day, members brought old and useable toys and good variety of fruits sweets and balloons from their respective houses and distribute in slum areas nearby Grant Road, Mumbai Central. There were twinkling eyes among the street children’s, members enjoyed lot

'Animals Care' especially "Stray Dogs" Dharmita Mandrekar - Education Manager, ' The Welfare of Stray Dogs 'NGO was the Chief Guest

She elaborated how the Stray Dogs should to be treated and how human being should adopt change in their attitude. Dogs were Campanian to human being since from his beginning.